Christmas Presents – Day 23 – Holiday Haiku

Welcome to Day 23 of our Holiday Haiku Challenge

Today’s charge is to write a simple haiku inspired by


Christmas Presents


Those you buy,

those you receive,

and maybe a nod to the greatest gift of all.


christmasgift haiku



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  1. First of all, I love “Wrapped in flesh from head to toe.”

    All around the tree
    Boxes, bags, bows, gifts for all
    Messiah in straw.

    I don’t want to be the Grinch who stole Christmas but oh how we indulge our children and ourselves – the best Christmas (to me) would be 3 gifts for 1 person and lots of giving to those in need. xo Jesus, we await You.

    • I decided to do the three gift thing this year -after all it’s what Jesus got for HIS birthday. Yes? But then Nana and Papa sent gifts, and Grandma’s bringing some and brothers wanted to give a little something to brothers… and suddenly it’s a pile again.

      What I believe, what I’m trusting, is that God’s Holy Spirit is what brings our hearts deeper into the knowledge of His Presence (even in the midst of all those presents) whether we have three or three hundred gifts Christmas morning.

      Still, I agree…

      Much love.

      • This happens everywhere – God knows our intention! You have become a dear friend to me this year and I’m grateful. CHRISTmas JOY to you and yours. (((xo)))

  2. Joy in giving gifts
    Looking for that perfect gift
    Jesus the best gift

  3. The best gift ever
    Delivered in a stable
    Freely, lovingly

  4. Christmas gifts are fun
    But the greatest present is
    The presence of Christ



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