Wendy Speake — Stories From The Hearth


Wendy’s real, relatable stories resonate with women of all ages. Never in my life have I met someone who so masterfully uses the art of storytelling to paint a canvas with the brushstrokes of her words. Whether she’s speaking from the stage or sitting across the table from you, she speaks with a life-changing purpose, passion, and perspective.

—Christy Nueman, Co-Founder of A.B.I.D.E Ministry, Rancho Santa Fe, CA.

When I was young, Mama allowed me to entertain our guests after dinner, when coffee was served in the Living Room. I’d stand upon the brick hearth and belt out the old Gaither hit, “I am a P! I am a Possibility! I am a Promise, with a capital P! I am a great big bundle of Potentiality!” Other times I’d do my Mae West impersonation, or perform a little dance.

Years later, as an actress in Hollywood, on shows such as Star Trek Voyager, JAG, Roswell, and Melrose Place, I began longing for those hearthside shows. Nothing I was doing as a professional actress impacted lives with the truth of God’s love. I wanted to tell rich stories that would carry audiences on noble and edifying journeys.

My whole world changed when I read through the Old Testament for the first time. “These are stories worth telling!” I realized. Every bit of the Old Testament pointed me toward Jesus! By the time He finally came on the scene in Matthew, I could hardly wait for the story of His birth! The stories I’d read had all led me to Him!

Storytelling is a powerful tool – leading people’s hearts, minds, and beings in a specific direction. It’s up to the storyteller which direction they’re going to take their audience. I’ve chosen to tell stories that stir hearts, challenge souls, and move people closer to Jesus.