Wendy Speake — Haikus and Honey

Because good food and a warm welcome are like poetry to the soul.

Haikus and Honey — Wendy Speake
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Welcome to My Recipe Box — Wendy Speake

Inside you’ll find stories of hospitality, foods that inspire, and family and friends breaking bread together. Each shared recipe is merely a vehicle to inspire love, service, and creativity as we pour out to those Living in our midst.


Gathering – how to host a tea party

Table settings, linens, and centerpieces – it all came together in such a lovely way yesterday. But no surprise, when women gather together, beautiful things happen. My home was just the backdrop for the glory-crash of 15 lovely hearts. “People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” (Samuel 16:7, NIV) I leaned […]

Chocolate Avocado Pudding

What’s a girl to do when the doctor says that her belly ache is being caused by sugar?  But show that doctor-man what real belly aching sounds like.  Oh, I thew myself a pity party there in his office!  Then he one-upped me by adding, “And while you’re at it, try to get dairy and gluten out of your […]

Host your very own Creative Retreat

  It began innocently enough.  I asked three writer friends of mine if they wanted to come away to our lakehouse in Northern California for a long weekend of resting, writing, eating, and exploring. Of course they said yes.  Wouldn’t you?  We’re all mothers and wives, and thankful for those blessings, but time to pull away and […]

midcentury modern kitchen remodel… and simple little me

     Roses from the garden  And the Green!  Can you believe that GREEN?   Amidst the holiday merry-making of December, my husband gave me the gift of a kitchen remodel. As I made my colorful choices he kept coming back to me and asking, “Now you’re sure you want these green countertops?  And the backsplash? […]

All I want for Christmas… is a Kitchen Remodel

  When I asked my husband for a kitchen remodel this Christmas, I never intended him to do it in time for Christmas.  What with homeschooling, Christmas planning, guests descending, present buying, sanity desiring…  But today, exactly two weeks before Christmas morning, five days before my oldest child turns eleven, seven days before his party, and eight days until […]

The Dining Room Table

Boys are growing into men here in our home, and knees are knocking together under our little kitchen table.  Feet find their way onto feet, and elbows can’t leave well enough alone, so we’re moving.  Not from our home, but out of our little kitchen nook and into the spacious dining room.  The boys have been asking me […]

Wendy is most beautiful when she serves her loved ones. She does it with such grace, pleasure, devotion, joy, and ease. She has the gift of hospitality for sure… And that’s just one of the gifts Wendy shares with us. She spoils us with words of affirmation and challenges us with calls of action to love and serve more deeply.

—Tammy Labuda of Tammy Labuda Photography