Wendy Speake — Haikus and Honey

Because good food and a warm welcome are like poetry to the soul.

Haikus and Honey — Wendy Speake
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Welcome to My Recipe Box — Wendy Speake

Inside you’ll find stories of hospitality, foods that inspire, and family and friends breaking bread together. Each shared recipe is merely a vehicle to inspire love, service, and creativity as we pour out to those Living in our midst.


Super Easy Pork Tenderloin Recipe

Every woman has her go-to recipes when guests are coming over, as well as a short list of easy busy school-night dinners, holiday dishes, and family favorites.  This dish meets every one of those criteria. Dress it up, dress it down.  Like a pair of jeans – casual with a tank top and scarf, ready to wow […]

When hospitality comes sliding down the pew

1999 Sunday sun streamed in through stained glass windows.  Feeling warm and whole I worshiped in the comforting embrace of that familiar pew. Sinking down in the musty velvet seat like a diamond in an antiquated jewelry box.   Then suddenly trembling bones and arctic chills shook me something fierce; hit me like a glacier […]

Favorite Fall Snacks

  There’s this window every afternoon when I want something sweet yet substantial to get me through till dinner.  And in the fall, I want that snack to be extra special, like pumpkin cake and a spiced latte… but I can’t do that now, because I’m forty.   Everything changed at forty.   Now I’m not […]

My favorite cup of tea

My youngest, the one with the thin lips who laughs confidant, so sure he is my favorite child.  The one who was born to sweat and toil beside his father, dragging branches up the hillside.     When he wasn’t a day over two, he threw his fist down heavy on our kitchen table and […]

Glazed Salmon

The day before our wedding festivities began, my mother gave me a recipe book.  There were many more I’d open on the other side of our honeymoon, but this one came from mom, there in her kitchen, before I said “I do.” I leafed through and immediately decided I’d cook for us that night.  I chose a […]

Labor Day Rest – for moms

It’s Labor Day Weekend, Y’all!   Time to turn up the music, open wide the windows and enjoy perfectly temperate days!  BBQ some ribs, make a peach cobbler, float in the pool, and drink homemade lemonade.  Then wake up early and pack up the car for a sandy day at the beach.  Don’t forget the surfboard and […]

Wendy is most beautiful when she serves her loved ones. She does it with such grace, pleasure, devotion, joy, and ease. She has the gift of hospitality for sure… And that’s just one of the gifts Wendy shares with us. She spoils us with words of affirmation and challenges us with calls of action to love and serve more deeply.

—Tammy Labuda of Tammy Labuda Photography