The Fragrance of Christmas – Day 5 – Holiday Haiku Challenge

Welcome to Day 5 of our Holiday Haiku Challenge

Today’s guest, Mandy Mianecki, is preparing her heart this advent season by praying through the ancient scents mentioned in the holy Scriptures. The fragrances of frankincense and myrrh are literally wafting through her home as she leads her children deep into God’s Word this Christmas.

Perhaps the fragrances that fill your home today smell more like spiced cider and pork chops or candy canes mingling with evergreen boughs.

Regardless, don’t we know at Christmastime that our lives poured out in worship is the most fragrant offering of all?

Dear Friends, today’s Holiday Haiku Writing Prompt is


The Fragrance of Christmas





“Then Mary took about a pint of pure nard, an expensive perfume; she poured it on Jesus’ feet and wiped his feet with her hair. And the house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume.” -John 12:3



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Mandy Mianecki is a wife and mom of four. She is passionate about encouraging others in their healing journeys from brokenness into wholeness, in uncovering their unique kind of God-breathed brilliance, and in living in the freedom won by Christ. A God-sized dreamer, art maker, lover of all things turquoise, and Nutella-eater, Mandy also runs an essential oil business, blogs at, and is a contributing writer for God-sized Dreams. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.


For more information on oils referenced in scripture, see Mandy’s Bible Oils page.


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  1. I know those fragrances … a church in our area does a walk-through before Good Friday … one station has all of those burning. When I leave, I carry those scents along with me all day … in my hair, on my clothes … even on my hands. What a beautiful way to keep Christ “with you” at Christmas.

    • That is beautiful!

    • In some other cultures they still burn incense as guests are leaving, as to send the fragrance of their hospitality off with their friends. The ladies waft into their hair and clothes so that the fragrance lingers.

  2. They came bearing gifts
    Fragrances fit for a king
    Come let us adore him

    • Yes! Amazing isn’t it?

  3. Giving and sharing
    Praying, worship, fellowship
    Aroma of Christ

    • Beautiful.

  4. I’ve come to worship
    Worship in spirit and truth
    A true worshiper

  5. Balsam fir and pine
    Spicy cinnamon and cloves
    Fragrance of Christmas

    • cider on the stove
      crumbly sugar cookie kiss

  6. This one was harder, but here goes!
    Rosemary and spice
    Fill the air with such delight
    A breath of Christmas



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