Author name: Wendy Speake

The Ten Books I’m Reading (or gifting) Spring 2022

This spring I logged offline for 40 undistracted days. Because I wasn’t distracted by social media, I was able to be devoted to my real-life “friends.” I also had plenty of time to enjoy gardening, neighborhood walks, country drives with my husband, and family dinners. I also read some excellent book! Here are the top ten books I read or gave away during my 40 Day Social Media Fast.

Trusting God During The Election

Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed by Senate yesterday with 52 votes.

Whether you are celebrating this as a win or consider it a tremendous loss, find your peace in the knowledge that God establishes kings and kingdoms.

What My Kids Are Reading — Fall 2020

One of the great joys of my mothering-life has been introducing my children to great literature. These past 6 months have afforded us lots of time to read aloud and on our own. Here’s what we’ve been reading…

Interview with a Renaissance Mom — Brenda Calvert

Last week when I posted my SHE-SHED reveal I shared with you how I’ve decorated that writing studio with original pieces of art from some of my favorite mom-artists. As soon as I hit publish, I was inspired to invite one of those artists back to the blog for an interview today. Whether you are an “artist” or not, this conversation is for all of us, as we learn to see our unique gifts as opportunities to glorify The Lord, even in this intense season.

Welcome to my She-Shed

While I don’t usually chronicle our home decorating projects, this she-shed reveal was fun for me to share. My little writing studio has already served me well! As a matter of fact… there’s a book announcement at the end!

One Mom’s Victory Garden

Before the official lockdown started our family started a few projects around our home. And when I say “around our home,” I literally mean in the dirt around our home. While I doubted we’d be able to turn our little vegetable garden into a sustainable full-fledged farm for our family, I decided it would be a good learning experience for our sons.

How this pandemic saved our family

While I don’t want to minimize the deeply tragic effects this pandemic has had on many, and will continue to have on many more, I sense that The Lord is redeeming the days as we endure them. Though the global economy will surely suffer, God’s economy is on the rise. God values family. While we value our families too, the reality is that many of us have been too busy to invest in them as we should. We have all the time in the world to pour into our families now.