A New Year’s Revolution

I don’t need another resolution… and I don’t need more resolve. What I need is more of Jesus. Not a resolution that I make, but a revolution that He makes… in me. Christ in me, revolting against me in this world. His power revolutionizing my weakness. His transforming purpose prevailing over all my plans in the new year.

The best gifts I give my kids each year

Cider on the stove, games of basketball in the driveway, puzzles and board games on the kitchen table, a toasty fireplace beside the tree, and the books we read aloud together as a family.

Such sweet traditions. I don’t want to be too busy preparing for Christmas that I miss out on experiencing Christmas with my beloveds. And just as I love to experience my family during this precious season, the best gifts I give on Christmas morning are experiences!

An Old Fashioned Christmas Story

It was Christmas Eve 1942. I was fifteen years old and feeling like the world had caved in on me because there just hadn’t been enough money to buy me the rifle that I’d wanted for Christmas.

Sugar Doesn’t Make a Mom Sweet

Hey Mom, we see what happens to our kids each time they slurp down a slurpy… high octane happiness followed by an emotional crash.  

Is it possible that we’re riding that same metaphorical teeter-totter on a merry-go-round! Up and down and all around. Happy then sad, excited then worn out, committed to good parenting only to fail suddenly and crash emotionally. Our bodies and our relationships are exhausted from the frenzied pace, in desperate need of a sabbatical — in this case a sugar sabbatical. 

Here’s the simple truth I’ve learned from the trenches on my most unstable days: Sugar hasn’t ever worked to make me sweet.

The Born Again Mom

I’m doing it again, writing another blog post based on the crazy notion that God speaks His Word (today) right into our personal lives. Specifically, into this mothering season with kids and chaos, laughter and the need for a long-suffering sort of love. Today I’m considering again, as I often do, how to change… to be more like Him and less like me as I parent these (not so little) people.

The 40 Day Social Media Fast

Do you struggle to live in the moment, with your nose in your phone? Do you struggle to interact with those you love, because you’re busy interacting with those  you “like.” Do you spend more time following all the people in the world, rather than One who simply said, “Follow Me”? If you know that you’re addicted to your phone, consider a 40 Day Social Media Sabbatical of your own.