The best gifts I give my kids each year

Merry Christmas to the moms of the world — still hustling and bustling, preparing their homes and their hearts (not to mention the little hearts of their loved ones) for the Christmas season ahead. We still have two days of school left over here before we take a much needed break. We’re all eager for the rhythm of rest that accompanies the days leading up to Christmas.

Cider on the stove, games of basketball in the driveway, a board game on the kitchen table, a toasty fireplace beside the tree, and the books we read aloud together as a family. We’ve fallen behind in our advent devotional this year… so we will need some extra time to gather on the couch in the days ahead.

Such sweet traditions. I don’t want to be too busy preparing for Christmas that I miss out on experiencing Christmas with my beloveds.

It’s fun to anticipate these sweet times together, but if I’m not careful I can pack our schedule too tight, leave too many gifts for wrapping and ingredients for buying until the last minute. That’s why it’s my goal to be done with all the shopping, decorating and running around by this coming Saturday.

I’m almost ready! The ham is purchased, cranberries are made, other recipes are gathered together, and most every gift is wrapped. The only gifts left for me to finish prepping are the most special gifts of all.

Just as I love to experience my family during this precious season, the best gifts I give on Christmas morning are experiences!


Every year I tuck envelopes into the evergreen boughs of our Christmas tree. At least one envelope for each member of the family, and there’s usually a group gift or two as well. Slipped within each envelope is a note along with tickets or a handmade coupon. This year I’m giving one child tickets to a rock concert to attend with his dad. Another child is being sent to Nashville next summer for Camp Electric, a worship camp hosted by Toby Mac. The third son has been asking for a date with mom. My husband mentioned to me recently that we wants to bring the boys with him to a missions conference next month, so I’ve printed up tickets to that event as well. And the big family gift this year is broadway tickets for us to enjoy together on our trip to New York during Spring Break.

More stuff under the tree and in our closets doesn’t usually help us to love one another better, not to mention God or others. But experiences bind us together in love.

Speaking of a wonderful experience: I have an invitation that I’d like to extend to YOU.

At the start of each year, I host an annual 40 Day Sugar Fast online. Together, in community, we stop all the consuming (not just holiday gift buying, but now I’m talking about all the extra food) and grow to hunger and thirst for Christ. He’s the sweetest!

After a season of buying and binging, it’s good for us to stop all the extra eating. After an intense season of rushing around, we’re going to slow down and put down all the stuff and fluff. The sugary treats, yes… but also anything and everything else we’ve been turning to during the hustle-bustle holidays.



Join me for the 6th annual 40 Day Sugar Fast. If you struggle with sugar addiction and food fixation, this is for you. If you’re just a mindless snacker all day long, mindlessly scrolling through Facebook and Instagram too, this EXPERIENCE is going to be so good for you as well. Truly!

Find out more at The fast begins on January 6th, 2020 — register today, grab your copy of The 40 Day Sugar Fast book and invite some friends to join you for this experience!

Better yet, if you’d like to give the gift of an “experience” to your sisters and mother, Bible study group and friends, grab an extra copy of The 40 Day Sugar Fast book (it’s only $10 on Amazon right now!) and have them join us come January. In the meantime, go have a wonderful Christmas with your family.

I’ll see you in January!

2020 fast.png